Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It eject sperms of ideas
From my brain – scrotum.
Swim through your
Cunt s of eyes
And conceived in your
brain Womb,
Ovals come from your
Ovum’s of heart.
I am hermaphrodite.
You too.

If you nothing use
The censorship of condom
If I nothing use
The ban of Femidom
You might be conceived
Me too.

What for condom to us
What for Femidom to us
We are Tantra people
But what to do with Tantra
When lovely bras will explode? 1

If you ask
Cholee kea peechekyahe2
May answer
Be boobs
A bra
A bomb
A bra bomb
Boob bombs?
How we be the
Tantra people now?

This is the country
Rushdie said as
Milk drop of the cow called India
Snot drop of Indhira Gandhi’s nose
Cow dung of the cow called India”

Flower is band
In this country
This is the country
Flower is illegal.

All the flowers except
Blue lotus  3


Karthigei poo 4
(Gloriosasuperba, Agni shika or jihva, Niyangala)

Flower people not allow
This country
How I meditate
Glance at orchid

How I masturbate
Glance at a bra
How I touch
How I kiss
How I press

How I tounging
How I licking
How I smacking
Clitoria bud.

How I tounging
How I kissing
How I licking
How I fucking………….

Who’s to be say
Your clit is noting  to be trigger of bomb
Your cunt is noting  to be a bomb

This is the country
Where ban
Copulation and
Mind alteration

This country is
The country of war
Blue lotus & Agni shika

(Tongues of flame)

The country of blood
And sperm…………
Blood of
Blood of menstruation
Blood of copulation

May be so called virgin blood.
This is not a country
This is a cunt.
As Ajiya said
This is the cunt +try5

I will try to masturbate
Among blue lotus
Niyangala, orchid,
Bras, used sanitary pads,
Panties, condoms and Femidoms, bloods and sperms

I am Onan
I am fucking in coitus interrupt.
My erect penis shivers with fear
Fear for if my sperms
Conceived as a bomb in a womb.

I waste my seeds
With coitus interrupt.
I am Onan
I masturbate under national flags.
According to the rhythm of national anthem.
Evan like Oshimas so-called porno movie.
“The realm of senses.”
Those spermy people
Striking stone to me.
People like the sperms

In a bucket of condom
Under a brothel bed
That must be empty like spam.
Scum of the politics.
Cums on mother land.
They delete history.
They create mystery
AJIYA5 sing his masterpiece

“Rabieas in the parliament……”

Foot Notes

*1-Hindi movie song mean ‘what is in your sari blouse?’

*2-LTTE suicide bomber was explode a bra bomb

*3-National flower of Sri Lanka

*4-National flower of Tamil Elam. In Sinhalese folk lore its poison up to flower in night, because of wild boar eat yam at night, it down to it yam because of butterflies suck honey in day. Its yam is poison.

*5-Ajith Kumarasiri is Sinhalese rock artist of controversy

[K.K.Saman Kumara is a erotopoelitical imagist poet in Sri Lanka ,also controversial magical realist author and critic called Serpent]


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